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PageCarrier Photo is a complete website design software for all photographers, artists and other creative people who want to present and sell their works via Internet. It is extremely easy to manage via simple copy commands. The website is fully functional and works directly after initial installation. It can be hosted even on your home or company's Windows PC or at a hosting company. Accepts also the shared hosting - the cheapest website hosting option offered by website hosting companies.
PageCarrier Photo runs on MS Windows Vista or XP, MS Server 2008/2003 Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) Web server and .NET v3.5/v2.0.

Functions available:
Home page with your logo, image slider, home page picture, text and menu
Unlimited number of Image Galleries (up to 6 images each) with titles
Dual Image Option in Galleries displaying second image version on mouse hovering over a gallery picture (a great option to show some additional product aspects)
Individual Image Description option in Image Galleries
Unlimited number of Info Pages (each with 1 image and one text up to four images and four texts panels)
Unlimited number of InfoPanel Pages (for HTML text and graphics)
Accepts JPG and PNG image files
Accepts text blocks (including graphics) created with popular word processing or publishing tools and saved as HTML files. This feature greatly improves design possibilities for your website
Meta Tags (Description and Keywords) for Search Engine Optimization improving the Website ranking in Web search results
Extended contact email protection
Absolutely easy and automated website content reconfiguration and maintenance
Simple, password protected website parameter and design configuration page
Fully functional and working website directly after initial installation
And the best of all - the Selling Link to an auction you started on eBay or any other auction website or to a payment processing company of your choice to sell your works or products.

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