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Txt2tags converts text files with minimal markup to HTML, XHTML, SGML, LaTeX, Lout, UNIX man page, MoinMoin, MagicPoint(mgp) and PageMaker. Features: simple, fast, automatic TOC, macros, filters, include, tools, GUI/CLI/Web interfaces, helper docs.

Txt2tags is a document generator. It reads a text file with minimal markup as **bold** and //italic// and converts it to the following formats: - HTML - XHTML - SGML - LaTeX - Lout - Man page - Moinmoin - MagicPoint - PageMaker Free/GPL simple tool that works on Linux, Mac, Windows using command line, web and graphical interfaces. Written in pure Python, it's a one-file...

Category: Utilities
Publisher: Aurelio Jargas, License: Freeware, Price: USD $0.00, File Size: 484.3 KB
Platform: Windows, Mac, Linux, Unix


License:  All | Free