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Downloading InterVideo WinDVD Player 5.0

Intevideo Windvd 4 is software developed for the DVD video playback on your computer. It’s a shareware software, it came with multiple functions and options. This software will display the information of the devices that it will use for the playback, unfortunately it will not display the information of the newest hardware in the version 4 (an old version) of this software.

As I mention it’s a shareware, so you need to purchase it, immediately you install the software it will request the product activation key and the update of the software due the version.

It came with options as the manual configuration of the display, color and audio effect that let us use external effects in the program, and the basic controllers for the navigation, and the selection of language and audio.

It’s very good software, but version 4 could generate errors if your computer have the newest hardware. The software now is a part of the Corel Corporation and the last version available is the version 9. If you have an old pc you can use Windvd 4 without problems but, I recommend you first to verify the specifications of each version of the software.

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